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Things to keep in mind before you to plan to buy a car

Out of many of the valid questions and concerns that may pop up in your mind when you are making plans to buy a car, the most simple and basic one is perhaps whether you should go for a brand new car or purchase a used car. Though this question may seem simple, the answer is not.

Purchasing a new car definitely comes with several positive factors. Firstly, you get a brand new car which has never ever been used before. Along with that you also get the latest technology which is on offer and also the most convenient warranty program without having to pay any extra money. All new cars come with the latest technology which translates to better safety mechanisms and more fuel efficient engines which come with lower emission levels. Other than these things, financing a new car is much easier than getting a used car to be financed, and you also do not have to pay extra money for its maintenance at least till some time initially. Most importantly, not much effort is needed from our side while purchasing a new car, because majority of that work is done by the car dealers. But the same is not the story when we buy a pre owned car since we personally have to go and visit each and every car seller, in order to inspect the car and check it out before we finally go ahead to buy it.

But in spite of all the plus points that are associated with buying a new car, the used car market is also interestingly enough growing rapidly. There are multiple reasons for that as well.

Though the interest rates on new cars are low, the overall price of used cars even after including the interest amount is seen to be much lesser than the overall cost of the same new car. The benefit of this is that you can purchase a better car which you would probably not be buying new, due to restrictions of budget. Not only can you drive a nicer car now, but also at a much lower cost. So this offers more options to choose from. All cars depreciate in worth with every kilometre and time that passes. Most of the depreciation occurs right at the moment we buy a new car. But in case of used cars, there is no value depreciation. Cost of a new car includes different kinds of taxes but getting a used car from a private car seller will never include these random costs.

Purchasing a used car certainly has its positives too in terms of financial advantage. And with the advanced technology available, the experience of buying a used car is now quite different from what it used to be earlier. Nowadays, all the information that we may ever require to buy a used car, is readily available on the Internet. Purchasing a used car is no more daunting which is why more consumers are inclined to purchase used cars than all new ones. Click here and get more information about valuation of used cars

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